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ICBC LICENCED Certified Private Training Institution

Class 1

B.C. Class 1 Mandatory
Entry-Level Training (MELT)
140 Hours

Next start dates: May 6th

The Class 1 MELT program aligns with the national Class 1 entry-level training standard introduced as part of the National Safety Code in February 2020 and with mandatory Class 1 entry-level training standards in other Canadian Provinces.

MELT is now the only Class 1 program available in BC, and what separates our school from other institutions is how we deliver it. Students will have the opportunity to drive both manual and automatic transmission semi- trucks, and work with a variety tractor trailer combinations including:

ICBC MELT Approved

Van Trailer – Typically used for hauling freight. Students will learn to tow this loaded 53’ trailer through busy urban environments managing off track and negotiating complex intersection turns.

Flat Deck – Flat deck loads like lumber, piping, and machinery require special load security skills. Students will learn rules and regulations while chaining and strapping cargo.

End Dump – Widely used in large construction projects, our triaxle trailer can haul up to 46,000kg of aggregate material. Students learn gravel pit protocols and axle weights while shifting and load management skills are put to the test.

Class 1 Apprentice

“Just wanted to thank you again for your awesome mentoring to prepare me in such a short period.  The only thing I missed in the entire test was 3 shifts, and each time I heard your voice in my head saying “get off the clutch, get off the clutch”…and because of that, was able to recover with the accelerator.  Hopefully I can sleep without these words going through my head now..haha!

Continued success in the awesome company you have built.”

-Brent M